2016 coming to an end..

2016 has been an interesting year for me. A lot of things has happened, tears has been shed,  smiles were made. In other words, there were good and bad times  but i still made it through to the last day of the year.

The great things about my 2016 is that i never set foot in a hospital. Who knew that i would have great health throughout the year? Obviously i had my occasional colds and hay fever but they’re not serious for me to visit the hospital.

I obviously turned a year older, just like everyone else. As many of you may not know i turned 21 in October. I was so blessed to see 21 as not many people are able to see 21.

I was blessed with a Job back in August but unfortunately was made redundant the end of November. Luckily i was blessed with another Job and will be starting soon.

My 2017 goals is to be more closer to God. My relationship with God has definitely not been great. i have sinned a lot this past year, some of those sins have been due to ignorance or because it may have felt good.

I want to start eating healthy and going to the gym. Only because i want to be more in shape and be more confident in myself.

I also want to cut out any toxic relationships that i have with friends.  When i am around toxic people, it made me very depressed and couldn’t help me grow as a person.


Thank you for reading this and i hope you have a blessed New Years  xx

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