What did i get for Christmas?

Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a blessed day and was filled with love and happiness. I’ve just came back from Belgium which i enjoyed.

One of the things i got was a Blush Palette from Revolution. It’s very pigmented and it has a lot of pink shades which i like as pink is my favourite colour. Another thing i got from the Revolution range was the Baked Bronzer in ‘Rock on World’ which is also very pigmented, and gives a warm glow to my face

i also got 2 sets of really nice pyjamas. One of them is a minnie mouse set and the other is white and blue, with blue hearts. They are both really comfy and soft.

I also got 2 Jack Wills Nail Polishes. One is Dark Red and the other is Grey. I really like the colours and i think they are great colours for the Winter seasons. It also came with an emery board which has a buff, polish and shape side which is quite cool


I got a Calvin Klein Perfume called Secret Obsession. I love the smell to it. It has a very exotic smell, it also has a hint of Vanilla .DSC05645.JPG

Lastly (but not least) i got Faux Fur Sliders from Public Desire in  Bordeaux (aka red). They are really cute and casual. I also like the colour too as i think its different and i don’t own a of red thingsDSC05643.JPG

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