Good places to visit in London

British Museum

I used to visit here quite often during my school days. it has a lot human history, culture and art and has approximately 8 million items. Its great for people who are into history and art. It is also free for the general public. The nearest stations are Tottenham Court Road or Holborn. (Both on Central Line)


Science Museum, South Kensington

Another free entry museum, which has an IMAX theatre. Its a big tourist attraction which has 3.3 million visitors yearly.  and has 15,000 objects on display. Great for people who are really into science and technology


Oxford Street

My Favourite place ever! Its a big road in Central London and it can get quite busy so i think its best for someone who has a lot of patience to go. it has a lot of nice shops and doing Christmas the decorations are really nice.


Winter Wonderland (end of Nov – early Jan), Hyde Park

It’s a Christmas themed Place which has a lot of activites such as ice skating, ferris wheel, shows, Magical Ice Kingdom etc. Entry is free but will need to pay to do the activities. I haven’t been in a while though!


2 thoughts on “Good places to visit in London

  1. Yes definitely, i started going to the British Museum in my mid – teens and i love it there. Started going to Oxford Street around the same time and i always go around Christmas time as i love the lights! x


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