Christmas gift ideas for her

Christmas is slowly approaching so i thought i should share my Christmas ideas for those who may be struggling on what to get for your mother, daughter, girlfriend, sister , etc..

My first idea would be makeup. Makeup would be a great gift for those girls who are makeup addicts, (like myself). To be on the safe side, i wouldn’t buy stuff like liquid  foundations or concealers as you may not know what shade would match their skin complexion. (unless you know then go for it) You can buy stuff like eyeshadows palette, brush sets  or primers. Beauty Bay are really great for  Eyeshadow Palettes. If you live in London, the big selfridges in Oxford Street have little makeup stands for you to have a look at also.

If she is Artistic then you can get her stuff like sketch books, paint brushes, paints, colouring pencils, Drawing boards, etc.. The best place to fins stuff like that would be a local art shop. Try to see if theres any in your area.

Travelling to a different city would also be nice. Travelling is so great as you can learn a lot about the place you’re visiting. I would personally like somewhere in Europe for Christmas . Somewhere like Belgium, Switzerland or Austria would be really nice

Perfumes are also a really nice gift to buy. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive, just as long as it smells nice. Zara is a good place to get nice perfumes. Debnehams & John Lewis are also great if you are looking for  high end brands perfumes

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