Perfect nail colours for each season

For Autumn/Winter, i think that the nail colours should be quite dark, yimages-1et bold. Colours such as Burgundy, Dark Purple, Browns, Grey. I feel like they would stand out very well
in the cold, gloomy weather. I also think glittery nails would stand out also in the Winter season, especially during the festive Christmas season. I always feel like Christmas is full of sparkles so why not make your nails sparkle? I would personally go for silver or red for the Christmas period and if you’re going for sparkly nail

For spring, i would go for pastel, light or nude colours such as Baby Pink, Light images-10Blue, Lilac, Light Yellow, Light orange, white.  I think that it would go treat with the season as its starting to get warmer, days getting brighter, days are also getting longer (doesn’t get dark earlier), flowers are starting to grow. etc

For summer, i would go for bold and bright colours such as Blue, Pink (Hot Pink, Fuchsia), Green, Bright/Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Bright Red as these colours would really stand out in the hot weather. Bright colours like these would compliment any skin tones. Also, Holographic Nails were very in season recently and i think it would go well in the Summer.


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