Gel Nails

There are two types of gels. Hard gels and Soft Gels.

Hard Gels once cured under  a UV/LED light, it becomes hard. (Hence its name! lol) It can also be made into a nail extension.

Benefits of Hard Gel

  • There are no strong fumes
  • Can be worn with nail polish
  • Can create different nail shapes (i.e square, oval, coffin etc..)
  • Looks more natural
  • It’s okay for pregnant women

One thing I don’t like about hard gels is taking it off as it requires it to be buffed off which is time-consuming and can damage the nails.

Soft Gels are also known as soak off gels and are easy to remove. They last longer than regular nail polish and do not chip.

Benefits of Soft Gel

  • They dry a lot quicker than normal nail polish. (Due to the UV/LED light)
  • They are less damaging to the nails compared to acrylics
  • Can easily be removed
  • They don’t have a strong smell unlike acrylics
  • They can last between 2-3 weeks

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